Antepartum Doula

Antepartum doulas generally perform the services of a postpartum doula when the pregnant person is on bed rest during pregnancy. At Birth Quest, we provide antepartum doula services a little differently. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) advises that bed rest is contraindicated in pregnancy, has no benefits and can cause harm. We provide antepartum doula services by providing the same emotional, physical and informational support we provide for our birth doula clients, but we do not attend the birth. Clients choose this package when they want support during pregnancy, but do not desire to have a doula at their birth. This includes three prenatal visits, customized organic herbal tea blends, access to our book and video library, unlimited phone/email/text support, referrals to community resources and one postpartum visit.

Antepartum Doula Package: $300

Antepartum doulas services may be provided by both Birth Quest doulas.

Birth Doula

We work hard to ensure safe and satisfying birth experiences for our clients. We have experience and training in providing labor support for vaginal birth, cesarean and VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). We support women who choose midwives or doctors as their birth attendants.  We provide support for home births, birth center and hospital births.

We meet with clients and their support team prenatally to become acquainted, explore and discuss their values and establish their expectations of a doula. We use this as an opportunity to learn more about them and their partner/support team to build upon what already works for them in challenging situations and the resources that they have in place. For clients who choose a package with multiple prenatal visits, one visit can be with the client’s healthcare provider. In addition, clients have access to our book and video library, as well as referral sources for a variety of needs.  We are also available for questions or concerns at any point after we are hired before birth via phone/text, email or Facebook.  During the on-call period, we respond right away. For all other times, we will respond as soon as possible.

As doula partners, Faith Groesbeck and Beth Singleton work together to provide back-up for times when we are on-call for more than one birth, in the event of illness or other personal emergency, or when relief is needed in the event of a very long labor.

After delivery, we remain with clients until they are comfortable and their family is ready for quiet time together. We can also help to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

We are available to answer questions about the birth or your baby and would like to get together with you within a week to see how you and your baby are doing, to process the birth experience and get feedback from you about our role. Postpartum doula services can be arranged through a separate contract and fee schedule.

Standard Birth Doula Package: $500

The Standard package is provided by Beth SingletonDONA-trained birth doula and includes:

  • Birth doula support and resources, as described above
  • Two prenatal visits
  • On-call support from 38-weeks until delivery
  • Continuous support during labor
  • One postpartum visit

Deluxe Birth Doula Package: $650

Clients choosing the Deluxe package will work with Faith GroesbeckDONA-trained and BAI-certified birth doula and receive:

  • Birth doula support and resources, as described above
  • Three prenatal visits
  • On-call support from 38 weeks until delivery
  • One postpartum visit
  • Customized herbal tea blends, as appropriate and desired
  • Discounted add-ons, such as private childbirth education

Premium Birth Doula Package (all-inclusive): $1000

Birth and postpartum doula services for the Premium package are provided by Faith Groesbeck, with birth photograph provided by Beth Singleton. The Premium package includes the following:

  • Birth doula support and resources, as described above
  • Three prenatal visits
  • On-call support from 38 weeks until delivery
  • One postpartum visit
  • Customized herbal tea blends, as appropriate and desired
  • Two private in-home childbirth education classes
  • Birth photography
  • Ten hours of postpartum doula support within first month after delivery
  • A $1,250 value: save $250!

Planned Cesarean: $300

Birth Quest offers a package for when a cesarean is planned at the time a doula is hired. Whether or not the doula is allowed in the room is subject to hospital policy and staff permission. Birth doula support for this package may be provided by any Birth Quest doula, with postpartum doula support by Faith Groesbeck. This package includes:

  • One prenatal visit
  • Continuous support during preparation for, surgery and postpartum
  • Eight hours of postpartum doula support within the first month after delivery

Last-Minute Doula: $300

This package is for those who, due to special circumstances that come up while they are due (i.e. their support person is no longer able to make it or a medical complication has caused a change in the birth plan), they have decided to hire a doula last minute. Last minute doula services are subject to availability. This package may be provided by any Birth Quest doula and includes:

  • Continuous support during labor, delivery and the first hour postpartum
  • One postpartum visit

Options for Families with Financial Hardships

Families who are unable to afford these fees may have other options. We are committed to helping make doula services affordable for all families by offering barters and payment plans. is a database of doulas, some of whom have sliding-fee scales or charge reduced rates while pursuing certification. I would also be happy to refer you to other area doulas who may charge less. Please contact me for more information.

Birth Photography

Many families would like to have visual memories of this important day in their lives. A birth photographer is a behind-the-scenes chronicler of the family’s birth journey, from early labor, birth and the immediate postpartum. Birth photography, provided by artist and poet Beth Singleton, can be a stand-alone service, or added onto one of our birth doula packages.

Birth Photography: $300 ($200 for birth doula clients)

  • arrive near/in active labor and remain up to 2 hours postpartum.
  • up to 150 original (non-edited) images
  • 15 black and white images (edited)
  • 15 color images (edited)
  • all images on a disk so they can order their own prints
  • all edited images will be included in a lower resolution for easier sharing on social media
  • images available within one week after birth

Childbirth & Parenting Education

Faith Groesbeck, a Certified Cooperative Childbirth Educator, teaches private childbirth educationm parenting and anger management classes. Group classes are sometimes available, or can be arranged upon request. See calendar for more details on upcoming events.

Past topics have included:

  • Holistic pregnancy and postpartum care
  • Healthcare interventions in pregnancy and birth
  • Care options in Muskegon and West Michigan
  • Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)
  • Family-centered cesareans and recovery
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care
  • Postpartum wellness
  • Pain-coping strategies
  • Labor support
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Parenting
  • Substance Abuse and Prevention
  • Anger Management

Childbirth & Parenting Education: $50 per session

I can also provide customized private childbirth education & parenting classes in your home.  If you want to host classes in your home, book two other couples and get your classes for free!

Continuing education for birth workers, special topics and guest speakers may also be offered.  Please contact me for more details or to have me present for your group!

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum doula and breasteeding support is available to provide an extra set of hands and information that can help clients and their families transition into life with a newborn well-supported, with confidence and in good health. In this role, we will listen, ask questions, and help problem solve.

More specifically, services may include:

  • Nurturing for the mother’s postpartum recovery
  • Support for adoptive and surrogate parents
  • Providing opportunities for rest and family bonding
  • Support and inclusion of partner and/or other family members
  • Parenting information, including newborn care, baby-wearing and breastfeeding (lactation) support
  • Attention for older siblings
  • Light housework (e.g. grocery shopping, laundry, and dishwashing)
  • Basic meal preparation
  • Answering the phone and taking care of guests
  • Referrals to community resources

Postpartum Doula & Breastfeeding Support: $20/hr within 30 miles of downtown Muskegon; $25/hr between 30 and 75 miles of downtown Muskegon

Preconception Planning Consults

Many families are looking for more natural, less invasive ways boost fertility, optimize their health prior to conception and explore their parenting options in advance.  Results cannot be guaranteed, but information on research and promising treatments can be shared to increase your odds of success. Internet and print resources and referrals to local providers may also be provided. Sessions last approximately one hour and are provided by Faith Groesbeck.

Preconception, Parenting or Infertility Consultation: $30